Monday, October 18, 2010

a sense of place

curated by Guerra de la Paz

October 15 - November 14, 2010

Francis Acea, John Bailly, Ananda Balingit-LeFils, Cassie Marie Edwards, Mark Messersmith, Jonathan Rockford, Douglas Voisin, David Willett, Jessica Wohl, John Zoller

a sense of place, is a group exhibition of selected artwork that surveys the geographic and metaphysical features of a homogenous world, gathered to demonstrate a hauntingly conscious understanding of the expansibility of time and space.
A showcase of ten established and emerging contemporary artists - whose disciplinary range and contrasting styles are characterize by a diverse blend of tradition and technology - delineates the premise of this exhibit, using a visual language that transport the ordinary to the sublime; integrating cultural segments, ecological awareness and psychosocial perceptions. Put together with the intent to projects a general mood or particular mindset derived from today’s definitive lifestyle, our quest to maintain it and its inevitable consequences, this exhibition encapsulates the paradoxes of life, delivering a narrative generated by intimate explorations of the mundanely familiar and a collective reverberation of uncertainty... engaging in underlying conversations regarding personal notions of what is relevant to the significance of our existence. Through imagery that details cerebral reflections of the conditions we impose onto ourselves as well as our surroundings, a sense of place, offers a holistic observation of a topic that is blatant and obscured, microcosmic and infinite.
Guerra de la Paz

@ Carol Jazaar Contemporary Art

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