Saturday, October 31, 2009

Francisco Goya, The Shootings of May 3, 1808

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    The genius of Francisco Goya is his versatility, from creating religious paintings, images of royalty to the masterful movement to modern art, his creations were the sources of inspiration to a lot of artists such as Picasso and Manet. From cheery and dreamy imagery to nightmarish and ghastly visions, it was like his own autobiography, creating paintings that mature and reflect the times more so that it reflects his state of mind. His drawings are equally driven by the same passion as he has for his drawings. His drawings are equally popular as his paintings and this app is an amazing catalog that provides users with an amazing array of his iconic works.
    This app is a brilliant story of Goya. It tells us the different events in his life from his success in Spain, his illness and deafness, the wars and others. He is inspired by everything. He can create a beautiful yet haunting vision of the human mind and the human condition. He is capable of transforming inanimate horrors into visual phantoms and the graphic appeal of his drawings capture the details with precision. The images in this app are absolutely good quality so you will find looking at the pictures a pleasure and with more than a hundred to look at, you will have hours of analyzing.

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    This app is a very respectful digital catalog and an educational tool that will really help you in studying Goya and his work. Any art student should know him and anyone who wishes to understand modern art should begin with his works as his works paved way to the modern art of the late 1800s to the 1900s.